The Review Process

The review process represents the most comprehensive review of the lifeguarding literature to date. The process fosters collaboration among the multiple disciplines with expertise that supports lifeguarding and aquatic rescue. These include not-for profit professional and technical organizations, scientific researchers and government agencies.

The process includes key components and specific conflict management procedures:

Key Components: Steps:

This effort is accomplished through a multi-step validated evidence based guidelines development process. This includes:

Managing Conflicts:

The United States Lifeguard Standards Coalition considers conflict of interest of the utmost importance in maintaining the integrity of the evidence evaluation process. Every effort to resolve any real or perceived conflicts of interest during the entire science review process is made. Every participant completes and updates a conflict of interest disclosure form. Each attendee of the process is given a conflict of interest (COI) booklet, which lists all COI information for every participant. In addition this COI information will be posted on the public web site.

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